Map markers

Reviiri offers three different kinds of map markers: a point of intereset defines a single point, a line of interest a single continuous path, and an area of interest an area. All the markup is visible in the b-bark mobile application to all the people that have access to the club’s maps.

All map markers are added in the map view by choosing the point, line or area with the mouse. A point of interest can also be defined by manually entering the location’s coordinates, if desired. Each marker has a name that is shown in the mobile application in combination with the symbol, line or area, and optionally a longer description that can be separately viewed. Map markers can be distributed into folders based on their use; the folders are also visible in the mobile applications. Done with care, the division to folders aids hunters to quickly choose to view just the markup that is currently necessary.

For lines and areas of interest, the placement of each marker can be chosen to be on the map layer or as separate markup. Then placed on the map layer, the markup behaves just like the hunting area information created from agreements: It is always shown along with the club’s maps, and its name is not shown. If placed as markup, the marker will behave similarly to the markers created directly from the mobile application: Its name is visible, and the marker can be hidden through the target menu. In practice, it is recommended that markers enforcing hunting rules, such as areas where hunting is forbidden or restricted, are placed on the map layer, whereas markers that aid in hunting, such as paths or electric lines missing from the maps, are placed as markup.

Are you changing to Reviiri from some other system? In case you have map markup defined in some other information system, it may be possible to automatically transfer them to Reviiri. The transfer is always manual work and priced separately. For more information, send an e-mail to