Personal information

Each Reviiri user, a functionary or an ordinary member, has control to his own personal information. In case you are not a functionary of any Reviiri club, you get transferred to your personal information page directly after login. As a functionary you can access the page through the My information choice in the menu shown when the button next to your name on the top-right corner of the page.

For each user, the user’s real name and e-mail address are recorded. The e-mail address is used as login name to the system. If you like, you can also fill in your address and telephone number. This information is important if your club is using Reviiri as a simple member registry as well. All functionaries should enter their phone numbers, since they are included in agreements created by the functionary as contact information.

You can also change your password on the personal information page by entering the new password twice and saving.

Memberships and visitation rights

To the right of the personal information, there is a list of all the hunting clubs to which the user has access. Maps are visible in the b-bark mobile application; there are separate instructions for that. A link for creating an account for a new club is also included.

The visitation option allows users to access maps of clubs whose members they are not. Visitation rights are granted by one of the club’s functionaries, and the visit can be time-limited if desired. When you request for visitation rights through the link on the personal information page, the club’s functionaries are sent a message. After they approve your request, you can view the club’s maps and information.

Reviiri does not handle potential reimbursements for the visits; they need to be agreed on separately.