Club task list

When you log in to Reviiri as a club functionary, you are first directed to a page where you can see the club’s current task list. The task list contains agreements that have expired or are about to expire soon; the estates whose borders have changed after the time the agreement was created; and messages waiting for action.

On the expiring agreements list you can see those agreements that are going to expire during the next months or have already expired, and the agreements that have been explicitly terminated. The agreement does not leave the list until it has been acknowledged as processed by clicking the remove from view button on the agreement form.

The latest National Land Survey estate information is updated to Reviiri periodically, about once per month. If, after the agreement has been created, the agreement’s estates change due to some land survey operation, the club’s functionaries are notified. It is good practice for the functionaries to check all these agreements. If the changes does not require operations (renewal of the agreement), the notification can be marked as ignored from the list. Reviiri considers an estate changed, when the number of estate parts has changed; when the number of corner points of one of the estate’s parts has changed; or when at least one of the corner points has moved more than a meter from the original.

On the pending message list you can see the visit requests left by members of other Reviiri clubs. You can approve or reject these requests; when approving, the visitation right can be granted for a predefined time or until further notice (explicit removal from the visitors list).

All the club’s functionaries will also get a notification e-mail for any new tasks on the task list.

Club information

The Club information tab allows updating the club’s basic information: Abbreviation, that is used on the map applications’ map lists, and address, that is shown on the club’s agreements as the contact address. Additionally, you can see the currently remaining time of the club’s Reviiri license. When the license is about to expire, an option is presented for renewing the license in the web shop for another year.

On the page you can also see lists of the club’s functionaries, ordinary members and visitors. Functionaries can add new members to the system, nominate them as functionaries, change functionaries to ordinary members, and add and remove visitors. When starting to use Reviiri, you can also import the club’s existing member registry into the system. For now, the automatic import accessible through the import members button only supports the format exported by the Suomen Metsästäjäliitto Internet member registry; if you wish to import members from some other system, it can be done manually (priced separately; contact for more information).