Reviiri is designed to aid the functionaries of hunting clubs to take care of the club’s hunting area lease agreements. With all agreements are in Reviiri, you get notified of soon-to-expire agreements, and access always up-to-date maps of the hunting areas. The agreements entered in Reviiri serve the club in several different ways:

  1. Agreement management. An agreement in Reviiri includes exact information of the agreed-on hunting areas. The agreement is stored in a safe place and certain to contain correct information. The agreement always contains an appendix with a map of the area.
  2. Map marker management. The hunting club can enter, for example, their plan for game care, or other information related to hunting, directly on the map. The markers are then always visible together with the hunting areas.
  3. Hunting. All the hunting areas in the agreements are visible to the club’s members in real time through the b-bark mobile application. This way, a hunter in the forest does not need to guess where hunting is allowed and where not.
  4. License applications. Based on the agreements in Reviiri, you can produce all the necessary map material for different kinds of license applications. (These features will be augmented during the year 2015)
  5. Map prints. You can easily print out up-to-date, high-quality maps from Reviiri both in digital (PDF, PNG, JPEG) and in physical (paper, vinyl) formats. Printouts up to 2,5 meters in width are supported.

More detailed information and instructions of use about Reviiri features can be read from the Instructions pages.

Starting to use Reviiri

After the transition of Finnish estate border information to the National Land Survey open data license 1.1.2017, using Reviiri no longer imposes license restrictions towards the NLS. All hunting clubs may use Reviiri.

Are you moving to Reviiri from some other system? If your agreements are already entered into an information system, it may be possible to transfer them automatically to Reviiri. The transfer work can be done by the club, or purchased separately. For more information, see this page.


The yearly cost of Reviiri to the hunting club is 189,00 € (incl. 24% VAT). Member clubs of Suomen Metsästäjäliitto get a discount, paying just 99,00 € (incl. 24% VAT) per year! The license is effective for a year counting from the first date of payment.

For a single hunter, who is a member of a club using Reviiri, the system is free. The club’s hunting areas are visible in the free b-bark mobile application.

Join Reviiri

Interested in using Reviiri with your hunting club? You can evaluate Reviiri free-of-charge for 30 days!